Welcome to my online portfolio


I began repairing 2 wheel vehicles in 2010 for a strong personal passion. At the beginning I did not particularly like Vespas, but now they became part of my collection. I spent days, nights, months and years dealing with veichles, collecting damages, satisfactions, frustrations and beautiful memories.

In the last 10 years I fixed all kinds of motorbikes, helping people who were travelling more than 10.000 km from all Europe and stopped here on the Gardalake with a broken bike. I restore motorcycles, Vespas and some vintage cars for Italian and foreign customers.


Today I still haven't find my inner peace, but I'm feeling young and nice, I love my country and I have a sturdy knowledge. I like meeting interesting people and spend nice days full of fun, good food and 2 wheels! Sometimes, when I close the workshop, I like to meet up with funny people who want to bring home a beautiful memory of their holidays at Gardalake. I can be your guide for 2/3 couples, 4 at the most, or 4/5 single drivers. If I can't come in tour, I can however suggest you the best routes for you!

I'm looking forward to see you from March / April based on the weather for an amazing Summer!