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My name is Riccardo, maybe you had read my portfolio.
What did I understand in my 33 years?
We live in a world where we have everything, sometimes too much. We know who has nothing, who by choice and who has never had it.
There are those who can have everything immediately, maybe they don't deserve it, and they don't enjoy what they have, and there are those who have a dream and will be able to see it realized only at their old age. ,
he runs very fast, my youth flies with sticks between the wheels, between one fall and another I got up and I'm more decided realize my ideas,
it's difficult find bank's support, they help those don't need it, finance useless projects and talk about wasted money. impossible the support of the family, which sees with the eyes of the 70s and thinks only of numbers, and not of what I built.

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I'm not here to claim something, but I want offer you a service for the next few years, a service that will be done, worked, sweaty, and guaranteed.
for you, for your friends and those like you, are Lake Garda's lovers.

at the moment this is my project:

I'd like buy the property and turn it into a welcoming and hospitable place for those who heading for Lake Garda, they want enjoy their stay to the fullest, take a short stop but with all the services, all year round, ride away whit best's vehicles based of destination..

by offering you the only one PLANNING POINT of Lake Garda.

the cost of the property exceeds the million euro, an important figure, but that is in the pockets of many people you see darting on luxurious cars every day.
maybe you who read, you are one of them, for this reason you could contribute in a more conspicuous way and help me to realize my project.
I'm writing this because I really need it, if I can't find the money to buy the property before December 2121, I'll be evicted by my cousin (the owner), and so many efforts should be thrown away
I would be glad to receive your visit, you investor who believes in me.

thanks, Riccardo.


PR Motor,  via sambarchi 23,

Calmasino / Bardolino, 37011,  VR italy.

p.iva: 03933830238  R.E.A: VR-378 521

i.Phone: +393400685686  Email: prmotor@icloud.com


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